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Tamu in Kota Kinabalu

Looking for a local market, with local delicacy and local souvenir, yet you do not have the time and means to visit a far, here is someplace that you will be interested to stop-by....

Gaya Street Tamu (Every Sunday early morning until noon)

situated in Gaya street, Kota Kinabalu

with a verity of products that sells there, you could say its a flee market...



 On the main street, the stalls give way to souvenirs and handicrafts in the form of T-shirts, trinkets (most are novelty items that become useless after the first glance or use), sea shells, wooden carvings, antiques, brassware, tribal masks, wind chimes, rattan baskets, ceramics, blow-pipes, clay jars and much more. For the fashionable, peruse a range of traditional clothing from different cultures found in Sabah such as Batik (silky fabric woven with floral motifs), cosmetic jewelry (most made of plastic) and fashion apparel.

you'll come across stalls that sell live animals - Some are household pets while others are sold as food. Puppies and kittens along with hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and aquarium fish are displayed openly in cages or tanks and sold like stock at the market. Box turtles, bull frogs and snakehead fish are other more exotic animals.


and many more!!

Gaya Street is the city's tourist belt, lined with numerous backpacker lodges, hotels, restaurants and shops. the strategically in the central location that can be reached from anywhere within the city center. While it has a vibrant nightlife and dining scene, it's only on Sunday. You will discover unique traditional and modern products from Borneo sold openly. From early morning till late afternoon, the entire Street is occupied with make-shift stalls over a half kilometer  into an adjoining back alley, where there is a large space that used to house a taxi depot. Over here, the traders mostly sell local fruits and vegetables along with ornamental plants.

Food stalls are available in the market and visitors will enjoy an endless selection of freshly prepared local snacks, dishes and drinks.

 Walk along and you'll find some truly unusual items on sale among the stalls; sling bags made from large toads, complete with hind legs and fake eyes; cultural blades in many different forms and sizes; small plants with a minty fragrance that claim to repel mosquitoes; energy drinks packed in recycled mineral water bottles that look and taste like antiseptic solution; household pesticide and hardware tools you would find in an industrial store.

Towards the northern end of the Gaya Street, there is a corner where disabled people sell their services and products in the form of foot massages, paintings, handicrafts and song. 

there is also other place that you could visit 

Penampang (Dongongon)

Tamu (Market) in the town every Thursday and Friday where thousands of people gather to buy households products, foods, and traditional handicrafts such as bangles, headbands or gongs.

situated in the Penampang District 

you see the town with this landmark

here is another 

there is also other places as well you could visit


Situated south of Kota Kinabalu roughly 14km from the city centre

Tamu Putatan
usually open on Saturdays and Sundays

come by and visit Kota Kinabalu the capital of Sabah!!

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